In theory it seems easy, right? You tow it the same way you tow a caravan or any other type of trailer. Here is a list of 5 things to consider before you start building your tiny house (European edition).

towing the house on narrow Austrian local roads

No 1: The house

The house must comply to the European road regulations. This means that it must not exceed 2,55m width and 4m height (in some countries 4.05m). Buying a dedicated tiny house trailer will help you stay within this measurements. Dedicated tiny house trailer will also have an overrun break which is a legal necessity. Depending on the trailer the maximal weight…

Projekt Datscha

I’m Anna and in 2020 I built a towable tiny house. If you also love eco-friendly living and downsizing follow me for some tips and inspiration! 🏡 💚

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